谋创新就是谋未来——敬邀参与第二届珠三角创意创新盛典 | Get involved with the 2nd Edition of DCIC


简介 Introduction

“谋创新就是谋未来 Seeking innovation is to seek the future” —— 习近平 Chairman Xi
珠三角创意创新盛典(简称 DCIC)希望反映和升华我们正在目睹的国内尤其是珠三角区域的变化:创新和创意已成为区域发展的关键因素。
The Delta Creativity & Innovation Contest (DCIC) wants to reflect and help enhance the changes that we are witnessing in China, and particularly in the Pearl River Delta: innovation and creativity have now become a key factor for the development of the region.

The first objective of the contest is therefore to acknowledge the existing startups and companies based in the PRD that excel at creativity and innovation by offering them recognition and business opportunities.

创新需要有广阔的视野 Innovation requires a wide vision
真正的创意,需通过与他人创新成果进行比较。在这个意义上,DCIC 致力于打造成为一场国际盛会:
To be truly creative, one needs to compare its innovations with others. In that sense, DCIC focuses on being an international event:

  • 鼓励珠三角的本土企业、外商独资企业及合资企业角逐竞赛
    Local but also Wofe and joint-venture companies based in the PRD are encouraged to take part in the contest
  • 有意向投资珠三角的国际企业亦可报名参与
    International companies wishing to invest in the PRD are also allowed to apply
  • 评审团汇聚多位国际知名人士,包括来自多个国家的总领事
    The Jury Boards include numerous high level foreigners, among which quite a few Consul-Generals
  • 除了本地媒体,国际媒体记者亦受邀参与报道
    In addition to local media, international media correspondents are being invited to report and cover the event

愿景 DCIC Mission
我们的愿景是通过 DCIC,助力珠三角以新面貌展示给世界。
With DCIC, our mission is to help showcase the new face of the Pearl River Delta to the rest of the world.

点击阅读 2016 DCIC 概况介绍 2016 DCIC Factsheet

架构 2017 DCIC Organigram

主办方 Event Organisers
DCIC 主办单位为三角铃,一家立足于华南地区的国际化公关传播机构;中新广州知识城,一个广东省政府与新加坡战略合作的标志性项目,继上一届之后再次成为活动的协办单位。
DCIC is organised by San Jiao Ling, an international PR & Marketing agency based in South China. For the second year in a row, the event is co-organised by SSGKC, a joint project between the Guangdong Provincial Government and Singapore.

组委会 Organising Committee
Event organisers, business associations, local governments, private companies, KOLs and some of the event sponsors.
Its main duty is to help select and filter the successful applicants.

评审团 Jury Boards
Consul-Generals, local government representatives, corporate representatives, VC representatives, KOLs and some of the Organising Committee members.

参赛者 Contest Participants
Startups and companies that are based in the Pearl River Delta, as well as Overseas companies wishing to invest in the Pearl River Delta.

流程 2017 DCIC Rundown

8月15日前: 参赛报名 | Till 15th August: Applicants Registration
Companies apply under one of the 8 different business categories: Architecture & Urban Development, Creative Industries, Incubators & Accelerators, Information Technology, Medical & Biotechnology, New Energy & Clean Technology, Smart Technology, Tourism & Entertainment.

9月15日: 参赛者甄选 | On 15th September: Participants Selection
At the Deliberation / Press Conference, the Organising Committee selects up to 30 participants for each of the 8 business categories.

10月16日: 提名公告 | On 16th October: Nominees Announcement
Following the Jury Boards evaluation, for each of the 8 business categories, the top 5 companies are invited to join the award ceremony, without being told their rank.

11月10日: 颁奖盛典 | On 10th November: Winners Celebration
There are 8 Jury awards, 1 for each of the 8 business categories. There are also 8 cross-category Public awards. The 16 awards are presented on Friday 10th November at the Award Ceremony Gala Dinner (exact venue to be confirmed)

参赛者 2017 DCIC Contest Participants

如欲参加 2017 DCIC 评选,敬请留意下列事项:
If you wish to take part in the 2017 DCIC, please note:

  • 您的初创/公司需以珠三角为业务基地
    Your startup / company needs to be based in the Pearl River Delta
  • 有意向投资珠三角的国际企业亦可参加
    International companies wishing to invest in the Pearl River Delta can also apply
  • 无报名费用,无隐藏收费,全赛无需缴费
    There are no application fee, no hidden fee, the whole contest is totally free of charge
  • 您必须于8月15日前填写并提交报名表
    You have until the 15th August to fill in your application form

点击下载 2017 DCIC 报名表格

Click here to download the 2017 DCIC Application Form

赞助机会 2017 DCIC Sponsorship Opportunities

项目赞助 Supporting Sponsorships
You wish to gain visibility and promote your services to the numerous businesses and decision makers that are involved with DCIC.

天使赞助 Angel Sponsorships
Your company revolves around creativity and innovation and you wish to hold a central place in DCIC. One of your top executives joins our Organising Committee.

执行赞助 Patron Sponsorships
You are a regional leader in one of the 8 DCIC business categories. You wish to expose this leadership and create a network with entities with a similar business scope. Your CEO joins one of our Jury Boards.

冠名赞助 Title Sponsorship
In addition to all benefits listed and the event title itself, you wish to have a DCIC related tailored-made marketing campaign.

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