Sam Huang, Founder of Business Link Transformation Holding (second from the left).

In a recent event of the cooperation between the logistics platform Business Link Transformation Holding (BLTH) and the global shipping logistics service provider Pactrans Air & Sea Inc to boost a wealth sharing economy, Sam Huang, Founder of BLTH met with Delta Bridges Media and shared his thoughts over global logistics under “One Belt One Road”.

Delta Bridges: What is do special about BLTH?
Sam Huang: BLTH has created a business cooperation platform that is in line with the contemporary trend of achieving common development and prosperity via win-win cooperation. By forging strategic alliances, the members of our platform can benefit from mutual cooperation and by learning from each other. Our business cooperation platform is a close-knit community that will have hundreds of companies collaborating with each other. All the entities will be complementing each other’s strengths to promote growth. Ultimately, our platform will evolve to become a vast global integrated supply network for all types of businesses.

DB: How are you going to develop the synergies between BLTH and Pactrans?
SH: BLTH is established with the intention to improve circulation among hundreds of enterprises, and this is only possible with a strong logistics system. Pactrans is a strong logistics company with branches and logistics networks all over the world. It also has deep roots in China and is definitely a partner that can propel BLTH to rise rapidly.

DB: What are your plans for BLTH’S business in China?
SH: First, we will strengthen our lineup by rapidly absorbing various major industries, while integrating Pactrans’ system into BLTH. We want to achieve the idea of Internet Plus, while rapidly expanding our overseas presence with the help of Pactrans’ advantages. This is to support our country’s “One Belt and One Road Initiative”. We want to develop BLTH into not only China’s BLTH, but the world’s BLTH.

DB: With this cooperation between PACTRANS and BLTH, what do you envision for the future?
SH: By riding on the world’s favorable conditions and following our country’s “One Belt and One Road Initiative”, we are not only exporting domestic products out of China— but also importing the world’s resources into China. BLTH consists of elites in various fields from within the country and all over the world. We possess an absolute advantage in terms of various aspects such as language, business experience, funds, resources and human connections. We will work together with Pactrans to create a strong alliance that will sail seamlessly and be unbeatable in the world of logistics.

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