Ronan Salaun – 珠海浪漫爸爸法国烘焙的店长 – Owner, Papa Romantic Bakery, Zhuhai. 
DB: 你在珠海定居了多久?How long have you been living in Zhuhai? 

I have been living in Zhuhai for 16 years.

DB: 当初你为什么会选择珠海而不是其他城市呢?Why did you choose Zhuhai instead of other cities?

To live a romance!

DB: 当初是什么让你有了在珠海开间 ‘浪漫爸爸法国烘焙’ 的想法? What is the motivation for you to open ‘Papa Romantic’ in Zhuhai?

I want to bring a European standard of bakery products in south China and Zhuhai is the one.

DB: 当初开店时有遇到什么困难吗?能和我们分享一下吗?Have you encountered any difficulties when opening the bakery? Could you share some with us?

We did encounter some difficulties, for example, unpredictable sales from big days to bad days; high humidity weather imposing air conditioning to keep good quality crusty bread and high shop rental fee.

DB: 来你店里的客人多数是中国人还是外国人?在中国顾客的消费群中,你认为你家最受欢迎的产品有哪些?Are your customers mostly Chinese or Expats? What are the most popular products among the Chinese customers?

I think 80% of my customers are expats and 20% are Chinese. Croissants, Baguettes and sourdough breads are the most popular products among the Chinese customers.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘浪漫爸爸法国烘焙’?Where can we get more information about Papa Romantic Bakery?

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