DB: What is your project and what message are you hoping to send to your audience?

My first project is the daily nature and wildlife blog: www.wildcreatureshongkong.org
This is to amuse, entertain and above all, to educate people about our wildlife in Hong Kong.

DB: As a photographer, do you feel you see the world differently?

Yes. When thinking of the image I want to end up with, I need to think about the colour or light, for example. But, I think I may see it differently because of my love of animals more.

DB: What is the most unusual animal you have spotted in Hong Kong?

Probably a coral snake, brilliant red with black stripes. But i keep looking for a Pangolin!

DB: Most people would be surprised to learn that Hong Kong is 40% protected country park. How much of this area do you think you have explored?

I have been to all the country parks, but a lot of Hong Kong is jungle with no trails, so actually very little I imagine!

DB: I’m noticing a few venomous snakes on your blog. Have you ever had a dangerously close encounter with an animal while trying to get a photograph?

Safety first! But yes, I have been bitten a number of times by many different animals – especially mosquitoes – the most dangerous animal on the planet! Dealing with venomous snakes is always a challenge and a friend recently lost part of a finger to a cobra.. but I tend to hide behind my camera!

DB: On your website, you specify that your photos are not photoshopped. What is your reasoning behind this decision?

There is a lot of “fake” imagery in photography and I want to avoid that. I try to show the picture and animal as I remember it. However, I am also interested in doing a photoshop course and am looking to do some fine art animal photography and also tell more of a story, which is very difficult to do with animals in the wild. So, that may change, but i think it is important to tell people that photos are staged, or changed (although most people actually do not seem to care…that is all part of the education).

DB: Finally, could you share with us a wildlife photograph which is special to you and tell us the story behind it?

A difficult choice, but i think i have to choose the Collared Scops Owl.

See the article and picture here: https://www.wildcreatureshongkong.org/single-post/2018/04/10/Hooooo-are-you-Mr-Owl

I had often heard these beautiful birds in Hong Kong at night while walking and sometimes glimpsed their wings. When I came face to face with one, he immediately flew off, so I was not sure I would ever have the chance to really photograph one in all its intricate detail. However, Kadoorie Farm have a rescue centre for animals and they have an occasional raptor display for education purposes. I was lucky enough to be there at the time that they had one briefly out of its cage, along with a lot of school kids! It was a real challenge to focus in the low light but I am extremely proud of this image that I had dreamt of getting, which also showcases the wonderful work that Kadoorie do, in helping creatures like this.


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