Noa Fridmark, creator and founder of NOA Relax and Focus

DB与NOA Relax and Focus的创始人Noa Fridmark谈到了他独特饮料的效果及其在中国扩展的计划。
DB spoke to Noa Fridmark, founder of NOA Relax and Focus, about the effects of his unique beverages and plans to expand the business in China.

DB: NOA Relax & Focus 有助于减轻压力和提高注意力。可以解释一下你的饮料是如何实现这一功能的吗?NOA Relax & Focus contributes to stress reduction and increased focus. Could you explain in detail how your beverage works towards this goal?

Yes of course. It may seem a bit contradictory, but it’s actually an effect that is very similar to meditation. When you meditate the brain works in the frequencies 8-13 Hz and that’s when you feel relaxed – and at the same time alert. In green tea there is an amino acid called L-theanine that will have the same effect on the brain and put you in a relaxed yet focused state of mind, just like meditation. In NOA we added a special green tea extract with a high L-theanine content, so that one bottle will feel like a good meditation session. We also added lemon balm which will make you feel relaxed while increasing cognitive speed.

DB: 目前在NOA的网站上,我们只能看到四种产品口味。你还有别的产品能和我们分享吗?或是说哪一个产品会是你的主推?Currently on the NOA website, we can only see four product flavours. Are there any additional products you can share with us, and which one will be your main focus?

Our most popular product is Elderflower & Rhubarb, it has a great and unique flavour. All of our flavours are Scandinavian in origin, and you can find the natural ingredients growing wild in the forests and mountain regions of Scandinavia. We have a few more flavours and also new functions ready that will be released later this year.

Elderflower and rhubarb is NOA Relax and Focus’s most popular flavour

DB: 看来NOA Relax & Focus是一个有着奇思妙想的企业。那你采用了什么策略来推广NOA?结果如何?It seems NOA Relax & Focus is a business which brings new ideas. What are the strategies you use to promote NOA? How are the results?

我们试图通过保持自我和坚守自己的核心价值观来激励自己和他人。 NOA饮料并不完全符合社会的规范与期望,对我来说它是一个独特而又有意义的事情。关于我如何跟随自己的心离开了自己的成功事业,搬到了一个无人居住的小岛上后发现了内心的平静后想要将这份感觉置入饮料里分享给大家,这样的一个故事似乎和人们产生了共鸣。我发现这个饮料已远比仅是一个产品有趣了,它是一个不顾旁人眼光追随自己梦想的象征了。
We try to inspire ourselves and others by staying true to ourselves and our core values. NOA beverages were born out of the decision to not comply with society’s norms and expectations, but rather do what feels meaningful to me as an individual. The story of how I followed my heart, quit my successful career and moved to a small uninhabited island, found inner peace and wanted to share the feeling from the island in a beverage seems to resonate with people. I find the beverage much more interesting as a symbol of following your dreams regardless of what others think of it, rather than just a product.

It seems like a lot of influencers pick up on that and like to share the NOA story. So it’s actually less of a strategy and more of a life choice, and the results seems to be very good. Media, influencers and people all over the world share our story.

DB: 离开快节奏的生活之后,你对你目前的生活状况有何感想?你过着平和生活的秘诀是什么?After getting away from a fast pace of life, how do you feel about your current living situation? What are your tips for living a peaceful life?

I feel pretty good about it, most of the time. Of course it goes up and down like life has a tendency to do for everyone. I don’t pretend to have the answers to how to live your life but for me it’s quite important to be conscious about the choices I make and not just go along with what is expected of me or what I’m supposed to do. I believe we together have created a society that’s not so friendly to us as humans or to other living creatures. It’s up to us to try to make it more friendly and it starts with taking responsibility for one’s own life. I think that’s the best way to also have a positive impact way beyond one’s self.

DB: NOA Relax & Focus未来的计划是什么?What is your future plan for NOA Relax & Focus?

I would love to partner up with a good distributor in China and make NOA available to more people in your country. Personally I’m really fascinated and it would be great to spend more time there to get to learn more of the culture, people and traditions.

DB: 如果我们的读者对NOA的产品感兴趣,他们在哪里可以买到这款饮料呢?If our readers are interested in NOA’s products, where can they buy the beverage?

Right now we are available in Japan, Korea, Sweden, UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark and Estonia.

Find out more:

NOA Relax & Focus – Website


  1. Purely out of accident found this drink when hanging out friends in Sweden a year ago. To me my personal fave is these 2 flavors: ELDERFLOWER and the Wild apple. Kinda special to me cause its something between juice and tea while manage to balance it out good. But what touches me the most is the message NOA meant to deliver to us at their website homepage–the drink is said to be having a touch of the tranquilty of northen Swedish forests. And that’s basically how i felt the first time i tried it. Highly recommend! Wish to see it launching in China market at the soonest!

  2. Just one more thing, really wish that next time when u think of Sweden, dont just get drifted away with “IkEA” or “Ericsson” or “Spotify” or “Avici” LOL . Those are really extraordinary brands/persona, but NOA is also a name worth aspiring for more