Magic Box Revealed The Brand New Dongfeng-Nissan X-Trail SUV

A Magic Box, full of mysteries, was installed at Victory Plaza which has attracted massive public attention over the last few days with questions raised in the air – what is inside this magical box? The surprise was finally out of the box on 6th April – It is Dongfeng Nissan’s brand new X-Trail SUV.

Magic Box Revealed The Brand New Dongfeng-Nissan X-Trail SUV

Famous local singer Dongshan Master opened the magic show with his latest number “Let’s Ole”. Designed for the everyday family, the latest Nissan X-Trail delivers city style, while still maintaining its 4WD capability. A refined exterior featuring the distinctive ‘V’ shaped Nissan grille and daytime running lights standard across the range, combine to make this the most stylish Nissan X-Trail yet.
发布活动现场,神秘嘉宾广州本土著名歌手东山少爷开场以一首动感十足的《Let’s Ole》让现场观众热血沸腾。东山少爷更是与大家一起揭开魔盒的神秘面纱,见证新奇骏在广州全新面世。在中国SUV市场持续呈两位数高速增长、各大品牌推出多款SUV、消费升级的时候,东风日产提出了“本色SUV”的产品理念,希望能够满足消费者对于城市SUV越野性能的需求,打造城市通勤同时又能享受越野体验的产品,奇骏应运而生。

Highlighted Updates for Dongfeng-Nissan’s X-Trail SUV 2017 include rich built-in smart technologies to improve your driving experience and safety enhancement.


  1. wow,东山少爷!颜值暴涨了… 很有广州"本色”的歌手,新齐骏线条很美…找时间去看看内饰!